It's time to introduce our products and services

Sale of MetalMapper 2x2

Freyr offers a complete working set including evaluation software and GPS positioning system. Freyr includes a basic user course (training) for new users to get to know the system. Freyr is WSCS-OCE A-scope certified and will sell the MetalMapper as a validated detection system ready for use in the Netherlands and Belgium

UXO Clearance operations

Freyr is experienced and able to carry out UXO clearance operations in all circumstances in accordance with WSCS-OCE. Freyr has mastered all steps to create a safe workplace. Freyr also supports WSCS-OCE-related projects in Dutch territory. Freyr can provide assistant OCE experts, OCE experts and senior OCE experts. Freyr can also help prepare historical research studies, project-related risk analyses, WSCS-OCE project plans and delivery reports. Freyr can assist you in validating detection equipment.

Provision of UXO supervisors and UXO Client Representatives for on- and offshore operations

Freyr has an extensive network of highly specialised and certified UXO supervisors and/or UXO Client Representatives. Freyr can provide the experts worldwide for on- and offshore projects.

Support for WSCS-OCE operations

To get the best results from your MetalMapper, Freyr offers an intensive advanced training to make the system and software even more efficient. In addition, Freyr can assist companies to train staff to become assistant OCE experts, OCE experts or the 1-day training basic knowledge OCE. We also regularly provide kick-off and toolbox meetings to instruct your staff how to act if an explosive device is found spontaneously Freyr is also qualified to execute WSCS-OCE projects for Clients in on- and offshore environments.

Why Freyr

Freyr is a young and passionate company aiming to fully support Clients and keep innovation a top-priority. Freyr is reliable and transparant.

  • Experience: On- and Offshore UXO clearance operations
  • Area of Operations: WorldWide
  • Key words: Passionate, Reliable, Trustworthy and Transparant
  • Validated UXO survey system

What You Get

Full-focus to help you get answers on all your UXO questions. State-of-the-art equipment for advanced classification for UXO and a reliable manufacturer in Geometrics.

  • Knowledge: senior OCE-expertise
  • International Knowledge: European EOD expertise
  • Extras: not only sale of a system, but also training, updates and after-sales
  • Full support by Geometrics