Building the UXO database

Freyr is currently working with Geometrics and Seequent (former Geosoft) to setup the UXO database tailormade for the European market. This will include the specific World War I and World War II ordnance. The ordnance will be acquired via the MTM Museum which holds- by far – the biggest UXO collection in Europe.


Create a Towed version for Land Operations

The MetalMapper 2×2 is available in a “push”-version. Freyr is currently working on a version which can be attached to a vehicle ensuring larger areas to be covered more efficiently. We expect this version to be operational in 2020

Marinizing the System

Creating a Marine version of the MetalMapper

Together with Geometrics we are designing a marine version of the MetalMapper. The first prototype will be designed to be fitted to a Working Class ROV. We strive to have the first prototype ready by mid-2020. We will keep the Industry updated on the progress.