Who We Are?

Our Mission

To continuously look for innovative and more efficient UXO detection equipment

Our commitment to innovation means walking down a never-ending path in search for better, faster, cheaper and easier in order to be able to deliver better services

The Dutch Coast. Due to multiple seamines being washed up along the coast directly after WW2, flags and demarcations are placed warning the general public on this specific danger. A Dutch officer checks the surf zone for suspicious items. Source: www.beeldbankwo2.nl

Freyr Trade & Services

Freyr Trade & Services has been established to – amongst others – push the development of innovative UXO survey equipment for on- and offshore operations. Freyr is focussed on offering validated equipment for amongst others the Dutch market

Freyr also offers services by offering (senior) UXO experts holding the Dutch WSCS-OCE (UXO) certification

Our Core Values

Freyr is transparant and direct. Freyr will always strive to offer the best equipment, services and advice.


  • Freyr holds the WSCS-OCE A-scope certification